grant process.

Begin the process by submitting a Letter of Inquiry by March 1st of each year.  Each Letter of Inquiry will be reviewed, after which full grant proposals will be requested from chosen organizations.  Next, grant proposals are analyzed and site visits are conducted in April and May for the selected organizations.  After the visits, we evaluate all information received in accordance with the grant guidelines and Foundation values to make the final selections.  Grant recipients will be notified by invitation to an annual celebratory event in August.

After each grant is awarded, we will monitor its impact through regular site visits and reports over the duration of funding.  We strive to measure our successes (and missteps) so that we can apply what we learn to future grant-making.


We take great care in investing Foundation resources responsibly and scrutinize every request for funding.  We do not make grants to political campaigns or legislative lobbying efforts and aside from scholarships, we do not provide direct support to individuals.

In general, we look for projects that utilize resources to improve the lives of a large number of people, particularly in areas that have been long neglected.  We also look for projects that aim to make great positive change to ongoing systemic problems.

The following is what we look for in our grant making process:


  • Projects should address an immediate need;
  • Produce measureable outcomes ;
  • Propose significant and sustainable change; and
  • Leverage support from other sources (i.e., form partnerships with other nonprofits, government  agencies, etc.)


  • Organizations must qualify as 501(c)(3) entities under the Internal Revenue Service code.
  • Funding for special projects, capital campaigns and operating expenses will be considered.
  • Funding requests for endowments will not be considered.