what we do.

“Health and education are the twin pillars on which we must build the well-being of individuals.”
~ Kofi Annan, Former U.N. Secretary General

Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation is a nonprofit grant-making public charity. We strive to combine compassion and philanthropy with strategic grant-making to advance and promote quality health and education for all.

Each year, Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation awards impact grants to programs or organizations that employ innovative approaches to addressing the ongoing inequities in the health and education sectors.  We prioritize work in Washington’s King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties and focus our funding on organizations that serve immigrants and refugees, people of color, and marginalized communities.  We strive to support emerging community-based leadership by prioritizing, when possible, grants to organizations with annual budgets of less than $500,000.

In addition, the Foundation dedicates a portion of its annual funding towards special projects such as international disaster relief work and individual scholarships for immigrant and refugee students.